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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What makes your company unique?

A. Very simply, I care about my reputation & my customers. For that reason I'm willing to go the extra step to make you happy.

Q. What services do you provide?

A. We can provide just about any construction services you may need. We're willing to assist you with small projects. Because in the future, it's us you'll remember for that larger project. The easiest way to find out if we can assist you is to just ask. We always make time to answer your questions. 

Q. Do your services have set prices by the job or the square foot?

A. No. For the simple reason that every job is uniquely different. Our estimates have never been about competing to be the cheapest. They have been about a fair cost to give you a quality job you're proud to be a part of.

Q. How soon can you start my job? 

A. It depends on how many jobs are ahead of you and the size of your job. Whether we can start tomorrow or in a couple weeks, I'll always be honest with you and give you an approximate time line, in case you're unable to wait and need to search for another contractor.


Q. Are you licensed & insured?

A. Yes. I am state certified and maintain a general liability policy.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. At this time, I accept cash or checks.

Q. Will you, as the owner, be doing my job yourself?

A. For the majority of jobs, yes, I will personally be doing the work. Either on my own or with assistance. I'm personally involved with each of my projects. So even if there is a need for subcontractors on part of the job, I will be on location continuosly or the majority of the time.

Q. Once you start my job, will you stay during working hours, until it's completed?

A. Yes. In fact before I receive a signed contract and a deposit from you, you will be given an approximate time of when your project will begin, and an approximate time of when it will be completed. Please keep in mind other customers may occasionally have pre-booked start dates ahead of yours and I may need to work on your projects simultaneously.

Please be reassured that whatever our schedule is, your project will be completed in a timely manner.

Q. What do you expect for a down payment once we reach an agreement?

A. This varies. I take into account if the job involves labor only, or labor and materials, or special order materials, as well as other factors. Either way, I want the payment process to be something both parties are comfortable with. 

Q. Why is your estimate and another companies estimate for the same work, so different in total cost?

A. First, be sure both estimates are apples for apples. Typically, we spell out in our proposal what the process of work will be and what materials will be used. Be sure the other estimate does the same. If your still unsure about the answer, just ask.

Other reason's for this, or questions to ask, may be: *one companies overhead may be more or less then the other bidding company *are both companies, as well as their sub-contractors, properly licensed & insured (and can they varify it) *what level of professionalism, quality of work, attention to detail & competency of workers are you receiving for what your paying



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